Tuesday, 4 June 2013

WWF Launches Renewable Energy Campaign http://www.energy-broker.co.uk/wwf-launches-renewable-energy-campaign/

WWF, the international name for the 50-year-old environmental focused World Wildlife Fund, is issuing a global call to action urging governments and financial institutions worldwide to increase investment in renewable energy by at least $40 billion over the next 12 months.

“We are running out of time. We know that if we continue to rely on fossil fuels we will face a future of worsening air pollution and an increasingly inhospitable climate. It is now our collective responsibility to commit to the future we want. We call on political and financial decision-makers to seize their power to make the switch to clean and sustainable renewable energy and end the inertia of coal, oil and gas,” said Jim Leape, Director General of WWF International.

The WWF Seize Your Power campaign features an on-line pledge that enables supporters to call for increased investments in renewable energy and the phasing out of investments in coal, oil and gas.

The pledge, which can be found on www.panda.org/seizeyourpower, calls on financial institutions and governments worldwide to act immediately, by making stronger commitments to increased financing for renewable technologies and policies and to directly invest more money in sustainable energy powered by wind, water and sun.

via WWF Launches Renewable Energy Campaign – Domestic Fuel.

WWF Launches Renewable Energy Campaign

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