Monday, 3 June 2013

Electric cars with 1,000-mile range to be in the market soon

REVOLUTIONARY technology means that long-range electric vehicles could finally become a reality for the mass-consumer car market.

It would be a breakthrough that counters criticism from a cynical public who, in the past, have pointed out that electric vehicles travel only a short distance and need a whole night to recharge.

“I can tell you that there will be a vehicle that will do Land’s End to John O’Groat’s on a single charge next year,” said Ian Hobday, CEO of Liberty Electric Cars, one of Britain’s fastest-growing electric car manufacturers.

The Land’s End to John O’Groat’s remark refers to a journey from one end of the United Kingdom to the other, from deepest southern England to the tip of mainland Scotland.

Hobday said the news of a potentially record-breaking electric car, which could be set for release in 2013, in an interview with online motoring magazine Motortrades Insight.

The vehicle will be capable of a range between 837 miles to 1,000 miles—four times the farthest range of electric cars currently available on the market. Potentially such a car would be capable of reaching from the UK far into Europe without need for a recharge.

Liberty Electric’s “Pure Electric” e-Range—the world’s first zero-emission four-by-four—is already on the road. While the price and final model for the record-setting new car is yet to be revealed, Hobday added: “It shows you where the electric car technology is going.”

Speaking about the electric car industry as a whole, he said: “If I have to forecast where we’re going to be, right now we’re at 200 [miles] to 250 miles without too much trouble. We will be at 400 [miles] to 500 miles within two or three years.

“Have no fear,” he added, “battery-based energy storage for electric vehicles will be capable of delivering everything that a tank of petrol or diesel can deliver within two or three years.”

The battery technology has been developed by Metalectrique Ltd., a research and development business based in Saltash, Cornwall, southern England, using proprietary metal-air electric power technologies.

Metalectrique owner Trevor Jackson commented: “Having carefully looked at the business cases for the highest energy density batteries, by 2000 I came to the conclusion that aluminium-air technology was the best option.

via BusinessMirror – Electric cars with 1,000-mile range to be in the market soon.

Electric cars with 1,000-mile range to be in the market soon

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