Friday, 6 July 2012

Prototype wind turbine could transform #renewable energy


A prototype for a new design of wind turbine which could revolutionise the renewables industry has been installed at Keele University.

The new vertical-axis turbine, which has been installed at Keele University Science and Business Park by McCamley UK Ltd has been designed to overcome many of the issues which are associated with the current wind turbines.

Wind turbines currently used on wind farms rely on a steady wind speed to produce energy whereas the prototype vertical-axis turbine is able to cope with the turbulent and variable wind conditions.

When the wind drops below 2-3 metres per second, the turbine will continue to operate, a point at which traditional models stop before using power from the National Grid to restart. The McCamley turbine does not require power to restart making it more efficient.

Easily assembled from ‘flat-pack’ storable parts, the McCamley turbine could one day be fitted to the roofs of offices and residential spaces without a supporting mast making it a viable source of renewable energy in areas which have previously seemed unsuitable for wind energy.

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