Wednesday, 5 October 2011

European Commission warns UK and 18 others on energy measures

The UK is one of 18 countries to receive a warning from the European Commission for failing to tell it that they have fully implemented EU rules to liberalise gas and electricity networks more than six months after the deadline, the Commission has announced.04 Oct 2011

In a speech in Brussels Energy Commission G√ľnther Oettinger said that the Commission had decided to "launch infringement proceedings" against 17 national governments in the field of electricity and 18 national governments in the field of gas.

"I would like to call upon those Member States to take their responsibility and make all efforts to fully implement the [new rules]," he said.

The EU's third energy liberalisation package is part of a decade-long project intended to create a single European internal energy market. Member states had until 3 March to adopt two Directives, for gas and electricity, into their national laws.

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