Friday, 28 October 2011

Energy customers suffering in postcode lottery

Britons are falling foul of a postcode lottery when it comes to their energy bills, with some people paying £180 more than others as a result, uSwitch has revealed.

According to a survey by the comparison website, energy suppliers are varying their prices according to where customers live by an average of £76.

In one case, E.ON is charging householders in one area up to £180 more than those living elsewhere, even though they are on the same plan, paying by the same method and using the same amount of energy.

The provider's regional pricing policy sees a Save Online 10 customer living in Brighton paying just £984 a year on average, compared with £1,164 a year for someone in London.

People in Cardiff pay the most in the country - an average of £1,108 a year - while households in Liverpool are paying £1,100.

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