Monday, 23 May 2011

Walsall firm to create 60 jobs after landing £35m solar panels contract

That initial phase is worth £13.5 million, but opens the company up to almost treble that amount of expenditure as part of a larger framework agreement.
The boost will mean the firm initially taking on an additional 14 members of staff and 145 will undergo training to complete the work. A total of 61 jobs will be created locally across the supply chain as part of the first phase.

Chairman Paul Hargrave said landing a deal in an emerging sector with the country’s largest local authority opened the firm up to huge opportunities – which could mean taking on up to 100 more employees in the long term.

Almost all of the company’s £31 million sales came from building maintenance last year, but with oil and gas prices soaring and green commitments from the Government, he said this move stands to boost revenue.

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