Friday, 11 March 2011

UK energy companies back ‘green gas’ accreditation scheme

Some of the UK’s energy companies are backing the Renewable Energy Association’s newly launched accreditation scheme to guarantee ‘green gas’ for consumers.

Gas  use could increase radically in coming years as carbon emissions  targets rule out coal and new low-carbon energy sources such as nuclear  and wind power are slow to come online.

But biomethane can be  produced from anaerobic digestion, in the form of biogas, from landfill  or from synthetic gas – syngas – production.

The Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) will track all biomethane through the supply chain so that  consumers can be certain that they are purchasing ‘green gas’.

British Gas, Bio Group, E.ON, National Grid, Thames Water, CNG Services and Milton Keynes Council are all backing the scheme. 

“The  Green Gas Certification Scheme is a simple and reliable way to  eliminate double-counting of registered green gas,” explains Steve  Sharratt, chief
executive of Bio Group, which designed and constructed a  bioenergy plant for brewer Adnams.

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