Friday, 18 March 2011

Global crises pushing up energy costs for small firms

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Scotland and other parts of the UK are facing a sharp rise in their energy bills because of the unrest in North Africa and the Middle East as well as the nuclear crisis in Japan, a leading impartial energy brokerage service warned yesterday.

Within the past week energy prices for UK small businesses have increased by 7% on average, according to

“As well as prices sneaking upwards, suppliers are also only guaranteeing their prices for a day or two reflecting the level of uncertainty currently being experienced,” said James Constant, director of the brokerage, which helps business customers get the best gas and electricity deals.

“Britain’s small businesses are already feeling the impact of the current crisis. We have already seen moves across the UK business energy market this week as suppliers rush to pull prices. They are being replaced with prices that are significantly higher and furthermore there is no obvious end to the uncertainty as world events continue to evolve.

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