Thursday, 20 January 2011

Commercial LED Street Lights and Architectural Security Lighting

Commercial LED lighting creates a number of competitive advantages for to
the contractor developing a proposal for a school, municipality, church,
non-profit organization, corporate headquarters, or resort location. Regardless of fixture type, all commercial LED lights use less electricity
than comparatively priced fluorescent fixtures. Because they are the most
energy efficient lights in the world, commercial led lights are an excellent
investment for any organization strapped with high power bills that needs to
immediately begin reducing overhead. As the sophistication of led white
light continues to evolve, commercial led lights have now worked their way
into every major outdoor lighting application. New developments in diode
technology allow light and color levels to be customized to the environment
and directed with greater precision than metal halide and high-pressure
sodium equivalents. This offers the added benefit of not only lower lighting
costs, but also less light pollution.
RLLD Commercial Lighting works with lighting designers and commercial
contractors from Coast to Coast as a multi-manufacturer distributor of
commercial led lighting fixtures available for major outdoor lighting

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