Saturday, 4 December 2010

Clear incentive for London's workplaces to switch off lights, Assembly told

Switching off unnecessary lights would save money for London's workplaces,
which is a clear incentive in the current economic climate, the Assembly's
Environment Committee heard today.

In the capital, workplaces make up 43 percent of carbon emissions and
lighting accounts for a fifth of these. It has been estimated that lighting
costs could be cut by up to 15 percent simply by turning off lights in areas
that are not being used.

Howard Dawber, head of strategy at the Canary Wharf Group, told the
Committee that the Government's Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy
Efficiency Scheme ( CRC ), is acting as an incentive for companies to adopt
energy savings policies because it is now a business cost. Under the scheme,
all organisations whose annual electricity bill is equivalent to about
£500,000 a year must measure their carbon emissions and "buy" allowances to
cover their emissions for the previous year.

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