Monday, 4 October 2010

How Is Wind Energy Transferred Into Electricity Using Renewable Energy System?

Creating electricity at home without having a negative impact on our
environment is increasing in demand. Collecting the kinetic energy found in
the wind is one way of doing this. This method does not use natural
resources and is kind to the environment.

The sun heats the surface of our earth unevenly. This causes the air
currents that are the force behind wind. The energy in the wind, kinetic
energy, can be collected and turned into electricity with the use of
turbines. As the wind turns the turbine blades, it creates a mechanical
energy that, through the use of a generator is turned into electricity.

A horizontal axis turbine has blades that are very much like propellers on
the front of an airplane. This is the most commonly used type of wind
turbine used. A turbine that has blades from top to bottom is used lass
often, and is called a vertical axis turbine.

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