Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hotels missing out on "free and instant opportunity" to cut costs

Hotels are missing a 'free and instant opportunity' to cut energy costs and
reduce their carbon reduction liabilities, according to an eco-tourism
certification body.

Technical director of Green Tourism Business Scheme Jon Proctor said that
staff awareness of the need to reduce energy usage could amount to 20 per
cent cost savings.

He said: "Straightforward management of lighting and heating and avoiding
the 'standby factor' with televisions and other equipment through an 'on
demand' rather than 'always on' approach is key."


Experts at the Green Business Tourist scheme claimed today that employee
'naivety' costs a typical 50-bedroom property thousands of pounds annually
through failure to adopt energy-friendly 'avoidance-based' practices.

It added energy saving practices would have the joint effect of cutting
hotel energy bills and reducing liabilities under the Carbon Reduction
Commitment (CRC) which requires businesses to cut their carbon footprint or
face government fines.


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