Thursday, 15 January 2015

NHS “should haggle with energy suppliers more”

There is “room” for the NHS to scrutinise its deals with energy suppliers, says the campaign manager of a new awards recognising the green efforts of NHS hospitals.

Scott Buckler at the NHS Sustainability Awards told ELN there are some “great examples” of NHS Trusts saving energy.

In an interview about the awards, he suggests there is potential to get “better value” from suppliers.

Read our full Q&A with Scott below, taking in everything from NHS work on energy saving and staff incentives to tips on what the judges are looking out for.

ELN: Why is it important for the NHS to save energy?

Scott Buckler: The NHS is facing an unprecedented financial crisis at the moment with Trusts making tough choices on frontline services. With such an area as energy many NHS Trusts can create operational savings which in turn creates frontline finance. Energy is an essential part of any organisation, it is what keeps it from switching off, however this does not mean organisations such as hospitals should take it for granted instead they should be addressing it urgently to ensure it delivers value for money and long-term security.

Through energy management plans the NHS could potentially save millions per annum and this is something which should not be overlooked. It is also important to view energy as an environmental impact for any organisation which without care can often lead to a health issue such as for example LED lighting over conventional strip lighting which can lead to over-heating within wards.

via Energy Live News – Energy Made Easy – NHS “should haggle with energy suppliers more”.

NHS “should haggle with energy suppliers more”

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