Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Catalyst Welcomes Ireland's Vayu to the UK energy market http://www.energy-broker.co.uk/catalyst-welcomes-irelands-vayu-to-the-uk-energy-market/

Irish independent energy supplier Vayu today announced its expansion into the UK. Targeting the business gas market, Vayu will provide natural gas and energy services to businesses across the UK’s industrial and commercial sector. Vayu has grown steadily since 2003, when it became the first independent supplier to be awarded a gas shipping and supply license in Ireland. The company now supplies 22pc of Ireland’s largest natural gas business users and 15pc of the mid-sized gas user segment.

Gas customers include companies such as Tesco, IBM, Debenhams and DHL.

Liam Faulkner, Commercial Director of Vayu says the company is focused on becoming a leading provider of gas and energy procurement solutions to businesses across the UK, giving customers a competitive alternative to other suppliers in the sector.

The announcement sees Vayu become the first Irish energy supplier to target the UK business gas sector. Valued at nearly E9bn, the sector is almost ten times the size of the sector in Ireland and offers significant growth potential for Vayu.

“We believe there remains a large untapped opportunity to deliver new services into the UK market,” says Mr Faulkner.

“Vayu will be investing heavily in winning customers by changing the way UK businesses view their energy-related decisions and empowering customers to become more active in the area of energy procurement and demand management.”

“We have established a business model that has worked exceptionally well in Ireland, creating flexibility for gas users that wasn’t there previously. Our model is highly transferable – similar to the approach used by telecoms – which means we can follow our existing customers into the UK while also pursuing new business wins in this market.”

via BUSINESS WORLD – Ireland’s Vayu breaks in to UK market.

Catalyst Welcomes Ireland's Vayu to the UK energy market

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