Monday, 14 October 2013

UK, Denmark to cooperate on subsea electricity link

Britain could get access to Denmark’s big reserves of wind power after grid operators in both countries agreed on Thursday to co-operate on building a power link that could supply up to 1,400 MW of electricity. An interconnector would be part of wider plan by Britain’s National Grid to diversify energy supplies by hooking up its electricity network with low carbon sources of power from Belgium, Iceland and Norway.

France, Ireland and the Netherlands already supply Britain with electricity through subsea cables. “The interconnector could unlock significant economic benefits for both countries in helping to maximise the potential of both offshore and onshore wind, add to security of supply and enable a competitive market,” National Grid and Denmark’s state-owned said in a joint statement.

The two companies said they would look at possible routes and landing sites, budgets and permitting before making a decision on whether to proceed with the project. A National Grid spokeswoman declined to provide an estimate of the cost or capacity of a trans-North Sea power link to Denmark, but added that no more than 1,400 MW of electricity could be transmitted in either direction.

via UK, Denmark to cooperate on subsea electricity link | Business Recorder.

UK, Denmark to cooperate on subsea electricity link

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