Saturday, 21 September 2013

Energy Market Labelled a 'Bewildering Lottery' by Which?

Consumer group Which? has made several damning criticisms of the energy market in a new statement, going as far as to call the sector ‘broken’.Towards the end of 2012, the government aimed to simplify the energy market for consumers with the introduction of the The Energy Bill. The long-discussed legislature aimed to simplify the available tariff and make it easier for private and commercial energy consumers to choose the most cost-effective plan for their property.

However, new figures from Which?, laid out the ‘bewildering mess’ of options available to consumers and highlighted the prevalence of standing charges – fixed, daily charges commonly used to sober the cost of equipment.

via Energy Market Labelled a ‘Bewildering Lottery’ by Which?.

Energy Market Labelled a 'Bewildering Lottery' by Which?

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