Thursday, 15 August 2013

Plans to build more wind farms are 'deluded'

Plans to build more wind farms are ‘deluded’, one of Britain’s biggest investors warned the Government.

Dr Nigel Wilson, chief executive of insurance giant Legal & General, said the controversial green energy strategy will carpet the countryside with ‘ugly modern windmills’ and result in even higher bills for hard-pressed consumers.

Wilson yesterday confirmed  plans to invest more than  £1billion a year on infrastructure projects including homes, roads, and airports.

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But he said he would not put a single penny into wind farms because they are too ‘inefficient’ and ‘expensive’.

In an outspoken attack, Wilson said: ‘The Government is deluding itself that it is saving the world by building these ugly modern windmills.

‘This is a very expensive and inefficient way of producing electricity. I fear we will end up having to import it from elsewhere.’

He added: ‘It is sad that normal people are having to pay even more for the government’s inefficient energy strategy, on top of their already very expensive energy bills.’

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Plans to build more wind farms are 'deluded'

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