Monday, 15 April 2013

Why Britain must make nuclear work - Telegraph

Without power, businesses cannot thrive and grow, nor can individuals go about their daily lives. Securing our energy supplies is vital to our national security.

Yet the provision of such a fundamental need in the UK is at risk, at the very moment when electricity market reform is finally ready to give the country the secure, reliable low-carbon energy it needs for the future.

Protracted negotiations between the Government and EDF Energy for two new nuclear reactors in Somerset represent the first test of this policy, which has been years in the making and has been underpinned by consistent political and public support.

Failure to reach agreement on the price of nuclear electricity threatens not only the first new nuclear power station for a generation, but potentially all those that will come in its wake.

We must also ask the question: if a deal cannot be struck for new nuclear, can it be struck for offshore wind or carbon capture and storage?

via Why Britain must make nuclear work – Telegraph.

Why Britain must make nuclear work - Telegraph

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