Friday, 8 March 2013

The Major Energy Users Council - Opinion Poll Results

I attended the Major Energy Users Council MEUC spring road show this week in Birmingham, and I thought I would share some of the interesting topics that were discussed during the day.

The event was hosted by Mr. Andrew Buckley the Director General of the MEUC and featured a range of leading energy experts from suppliers, consultant and customers. The Major Energy Users CouncilVarious topics on gas and electricity were discussed and debated during the day, with some very strong varying opinions on the direction that the UK energy market is taking. One thing was clear though throughout the day, and that was that fact that both energy resources and government policy are having a detrimental effect on energy prices.There were many varying opinions over most of the topics discussed and debated during the day, but it was clear that the current extreme volatility in energy prices was a major issue effecting UK business at the moment.It was also clear that the general opinion of the delegates in the room was that both gas and electricity prices were set to rocket over the coming years, and the need for a clear vision on the UK energy policy was urgently needed before its to late.After each of the topics discussed during the day, the delegates then voted on 4 related questions in real time and the results were displayed for further discussion. It was clear from the answers that feelings were running high on some of the subjects and that urgent action is needed now to prevent further financial distress to the UK economy.We have listed the 4 questions and results on the electricity debate and gas debate below and we have also included our own opinion poll so that you can cast your vote on each topic.

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The Major Energy Users Council - Opinion Poll Results

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