Monday, 17 September 2012

BOC expands Swindon hydrogen refuelling facility with innovative platinum fuel cell


BOC is expanding its Hydrogen Refuelling Station at Honda's UK manufacturing plant in Swindon.

The project includes an innovative low-platinum fuel cell designed and built by ACAL Energy.

On-site solar-powered electrolysis will enable the facility, the UK's first public-access station, to produce hydrogen more sustainably.

The resulting 'green' 'hydrogen gas will be used to fuel a number of different vehicle types using BOC's filling technology.

Vehicles able to refill here include vans converted by Revolve Technologies, operated by Swindon Commercial Services Ltd (SCS) and by Commercial Group.

Fork lift trucks supplied by Briggs Equipment and operated by Honda will also be topping up at the site.

The refuelling station is the result of a collaboration led by BOC, a member of The Linde Group, alongside partners including Honda and Forward Swindon.

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