Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Is The Future of Energy #Thorium?

Safer, cleaner, sustainable and many times more effective than any other energy resource on Earth. Meet Thorium, a naturally occurring, slightly radioactive metal, capable of producing immense amount of energy, in a safe, environmentally friendly and very economic manner.

Readers of our blog need no further introduction to Thorium since we talked about it a couple of times before. Back in September 2010 we published “Is Fossil Fuel Dependence Over?” and “Top 5 Energy Resources“.

Since then Thorium research has gained some important ground and countries like the United States and China are already funding programs to deploy small nuclear reactors powered with Thorium.

In scientific terms these so called small nuclear reactors are known as Molten-Salt Reactors or LFTR (liquefied Fluorine Thorium Reactors). These reactors are ten times safer than current nuclear reactors simply because they have a self-controlled safe configuration. In short, if the energy supply to the nuclear power is cut down completely a Molten-Salt reactor would shut itself down immediately without the need to circulate water inside the reactor to prevent a meltdown.

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