Thursday, 3 February 2011

Any Big Differences Between Home and Commercial LED Lights?

The types of LED bulbs available for use in businesses aren't much different than those designed for home use. Home and commercial LED lights work on the same principle: they contain a chip that glows when electrical power is applied. The size of the bulb, its intended use and application all determine where it is best used.

Energy Star Ratings

The energy star program was conceived to help people better understand their energy conservation options. The rating has come to symbolize a certain standard of quality. LED bulbs, commercial or domestic, are still in their early stages, and looking for products that are energy star approved may help reduce the occurrence of difficulties with poorly manufactured lamps.

In the Commercial Setting

Since a majority of commercial lighting involves recessed or canned lighting, and LED bulbs release very little of their energy in the way of heat, they are ideal candidates for office situations. Their direct lighting and good intensity will allow you to provide focused light where it is most needed. They work with dimmer switches which will help tailor the lighting to the needs of the individual, and perhaps best of all for the bottom line, they save money on utilities.

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